2. 5G-Industry Summit

Am 20. October 2021 veröffentlicht

5G accelerates digitization and networking in production

Automated and efficient production processes are indispensable in industrial manufacturing – they are a clear competitive advantage. Networking with the help of 5G networks, but also new WLAN technologies, will bring about a radical change here. Extremely high data rates with which thousands of sensors can be integrated or response times in the millisecond range will turn many productions upside down. The decisive factor here is the availability of an adapted and fast wireless network. One option for companies is their own industrial 5G networks, which can be set up at industrial sites of any size and can also be specifically adapted to the special requirements of a production and infrastructure, such as high bandwidths, short latencies and improved availability and security.

The 5G Industry Summit answers your questions:

  • What does 5G mean for manufacturing companies?
  • Do campus networks make sense, and who should operate them?
  • What about the issue of security?
  • What impact will 5G have on your own products?
  • When do I need 5G, and when are LTE or WLAN sufficient?
  • What requirements do companies have to meet for public subsidies?

Target group

The Summit is aimed primarily at managing directors, development and production managers who are concerned with the introduction of a 5G network, but also with automation and networking in production.

The event is supported by our partners in South Africa, Turkey and Morocco. The conference language is German, with simultaneous English and French translation.

You can find all the speakers’ contributions at www.technology-academy.group/project/2-5g-industrie-summit/

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