5G-based multi-sensor platform for real-time condition monitoring

Am 26. April 2022 veröffentlicht

Complex components and manufacturing processes are becoming an ever greater challenge for today’s machines, as static manufacturing processes and classic control techniques are not flexible and adaptive enough and are therefore subject to severe restrictions in terms of sampling rates and accuracy.

By means of process-integrated sensor technology, various process data, such as vibration, temperature and position, can be recorded and transmitted wirelessly in order to derive an adaptive manufacturing process on this constant data stream in the future. Due to the complex machining process, a wireless real-time solution is required to deliver the data to the end application with high reliability. To achieve this, the Fraunhofer IPT and its partners Marposs and Ublox have developed a sophisticated modular 5G multisensor platform. With this, multiple sensors such as vibration, temperature, strain can be integrated directly on the workpiece and transmit data in real time via 5G. In addition, the data coming from the platform, is synchronized in time with the Sara module developed by Ublox. This data is received by the end application and can directly affect the machining process when certain parameters reach a threshold. Since all data is time-stamped, the end application can be synchronized with other data sources and a digital twin can be created for further analysis.

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