5G for real-time tool wear monitoring and breakage detection with smart wireless structure-borne sound sensor technology.

Am 25. April 2022 veröffentlicht

The component and surface quality when machining a component by means of drilling, milling or turning processes is primarily dependent on the condition of the tool cutting edge. During the machining process, the tool cutting edge is subject to a complex thermo-mechanical load spectrum and reaches the end of its service life over time due to wear on the rake and flank surfaces.

In order to be able to fully utilize the service life of the tool cutting edge without having to accept a reduction in component quality, constant monitoring of the tool’s wear condition is required. One way to monitor the tool’s closing state with low latencies is to use structure-borne sound sensor technology and transmit the process data via 5G. In order to demonstrate precisely these industrial applications, the Fraunhofer IPT, together with project partners Marposs and Ericsson, tested a self-developed acoustic emission sensor in a drilling process. The sensor was attached directly to the component for this purpose. The sensor data was transmitted directly to a control unit using 5G mobile communications technology and recorded in the cloud so that the process could be interrupted at any time using tool breakage detection.

The 5G body sound sensor technology enables real-time monitoring and control of highly complex processes through intelligent sensor technology and a flexible 5G communication infrastructure. Both tool head wear and process errors can be detected at an early stage of production and intercepted by immediate process control. This ensures the high quality of the product and saves high costs through less scrap or necessary reworking of workpieces.

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