One location

Endless possibilities

Private Property

On a fenced area all applications can be tested undisturbed and without insight from the outside.

  • Total area of about 1.5 million square meters
  • Closed area with access control

Transport Network

The urban structure of our site with traffic routes, parking lots and buildings, as well as the planned digital transport network, allows testing and demonstration of applications prior to public approval.

  • More than 15 km of traffic routes
  • 10,000 parking spaces
  • 5 parking garages
  • 500 m tunnel

Flexible Locations

Flexible equipment variants and variable room sizes adapt to any project.

  • Hall area of approx. 400,000 square meters
  • 30 halls and buildings
  • 2 congress centers
  • 9 entrance buildings
  • 7 office buildings

Streaming Studios

The H’Up or the MEDIA FACTORY are home to ready-to-play streaming studios with versatile equipment for flexible use.

  • 15 Streaming Studios
  • Hybrid event location
  • Ready-to-play studio backdrops from green screen to stage with 40 squaremeters LED screen
  • Ready to play. Anytime
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Powerful Communication Network

Our site offers state-of-the-art broadband connections to the Internet and supports all wired and wireless transmission technologies from DSL, fiber, WLAN, 4G and 5G (private and public). Ideal conditions for testing and developing sophisticated applications.

  • Private 5G network with a bandwidth of 100 MHz in- and outdoor
  • Public 5G network
  • One of the most powerful WLAN networks in Germany
  • Telecommunications network of a major city

Urban Infrastructure

Public life will change with 5G.
On our smart venue, these changes will become visible and tangible.

  • Part of the Lower Saxony test field (the world’s largest test field for connected and automated driving)
  • Digital transportation system
  • 1 long-distance train station
  • Light rail station

5G Test & Demo Center for Production Technology

With the Technology Academy, we provide companies from the smart production sector with an academy building for testing technical components in existing test facilities, setting up their own test facilities, and integrating them into existing plant components. It is directly integrated into our 5G campus network. 5G services and applications can thus be developed, tested and demonstrated under real conditions.

  • 6 different demo and test plants
  • All production facilities installed ready for operation and usable for different scenarios
  • Meeting rooms and co-working space for test teams
  • Streaming studio in test hall for online integration of external persons
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