Network switching robot

Am 18. May 2022 veröffentlicht

G+D shows a use case which allows the customer to move their devices seamlessly between public and private networks. Here, a robot switches between the Standalone (SA) Siemens and the public network. The switch is triggered by a local profile assistant and can be monitored on a dashboard.

With our eSIM management platform, this seamless switching between networks is possible. The connectivity is independent of the networks. All kinds of devices can take advantage of this, especially in the logistics area. Switching profiles keeps the devices permanently connected, which is a key requirement for many logistics use cases.

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Speaker on site: Sachin Kumar (TUK), Christian Schellenberger (TUK), Severin Härtl (G+D), Tobias Lepper (G+D)

Press contact: Giesecke+Devrient, Christoph Lang, Corporate Communications, Tel: +49 89 4119-2164, Email:

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