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5G campus network at the Hannover exhibition site:

The most innovative companies worldwide create a network and thus form the Global Innovation & Competence Experience Center at the Smart Venue.
Here, intelligent technologies of the future are researched, developed, tested, demonstrated and exhibited. Cooperations will be closed and together they will make the future visible and tangible.

How do 5G and the Hannover exhibition site fit together?

5G improves connectivity and accelerates response times. This is what makes numerous sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) applications possible in the first place.
Examples include Industry 4.0, new traffic control systems, precision farming, driverless transport systems and public safety.





> The 5G public mobile network

Currently, the 3.4 – 3.7 GHz range is used for 5G in Germany. This frequency range is also referred to as C-Band or Band 78 and is used by the first 5G smartphones that have come onto the market.

> Exclusive campus networks

Campus networks are exclusive mobile networks in the range of 3.7-3.8 GHz for a defined local company site, a university or individual buildings, such as an office building.
They are tailored to the individual needs of users and meet future requirements of Industry 4.0

>Broadband without assured latency

The 5G frequencies are in the range between 3400 and 3700 MHz. The so-called local frequencies, which are used for 5G campus networks, are between 3700 and 3800 MHz. The local 5G frequencies are allocated by the Federal Network Agency on application.
Deutsche Messe has held a 5G campus license since 2020.



5G technologies and related applications can be developed with the help of Deutsche Messe’s campus network.

Campus networks can be used in a variety of ways at industrial sites of all sizes. 5G technology offers many of the necessary properties for this in the long term, such as extremely high bandwidth, short latencies and improved availability. Today you can start with a 5G-network based on Release 15 and we keep the network state of the art according to the available releases (16/17/18/….).

In this way, a company can use existing resources and network capacities independently of other users because the exclusive campus network, which is optimized for customer needs, is not publicly accessible. This guarantees very specific properties that are indispensable for modern business processes as well as innovative Industrie 4.0 applications:

• Strong data security
• Fast data transmission with low latency
• High availability of high bandwidths with a defined data troughput
• Very high reliability – with low power consumption

A completely independent 5G campus network is currently being set up at the Hannover exhibition site, where interfaces to public mobile networks can be configured depending on the application.

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