Simple global deployment of IoT devices

Am 18. May 2022 veröffentlicht

The demo will take the form of a video and will include the eSIM management portal on Pod IoT Suite showing how the different profiles can be downloaded and activated. Hereby, the widest choice of networks and coverage available is provided. This also gives the user access to a range of innovative SIM applications which can be downloaded over-the-air to enhance security, provisioning and device management.

ENO ONE is the next generation of eSIMs including multiple connectivity profiles and SIM applets

At manufacture, a Pod ENO ONE SIM is embedded into a device (eSIM). The ENO ONE SIM includes the designated network profile and a bootstrap profile; this enables zero touch provisioning as well as the connection to the desired network. Once the device has been shipped to its destination it can automatically configure itself in the platform, appropriate regional profiles can be deployed, and the device will be “born connected”. The whole process is managed via Pod IoT Suite.

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Speaker use case on site: Michael Chackal, IoT Sales Director at Pod Group

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