The 5G-TSN-Juggler from Fraunhofer IPT

Am 20. April 2022 veröffentlicht

The 5G-TSN-Juggler use case uses the example of adaptive control of a plate juggling a ping-pong ball to demonstrate the control of industrial applications by edge cloud systems as well as the interoperability between wired and wireless real-time communication.

For industry, this demonstrator can be applied, for example, to the concept of cooperating stationary and mobile robotics. Here, stationary robots will be controlled by a cloud system via Ethernet and TSN-based wired communication and mobile robots via 5G ultra-reliable low-latency communication in combination with TSN.

Press contact:
Maike Lefteroff, External Communications Production Metrology, +49 241 8904-275,
Susanne Krause, external and internal communications, +49 241 8904-180, susanne. krause

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