The benefits and security of a private 5G network

Am 4. April 2022 veröffentlicht

With low latency, increased security, greater flexibility, and higher throughput, the benefits of private networks are clear. And with the rollout of 5G technology surging, we look at how private cellular networks can benefit organizations today

It is unsurprising that the exponential growth of the IoT has brought new challenges with it. One of those is scalability: the total number of IoT connections is expected to reach 23 billion by 2025, rising from 13 billion IoT connections in 2020. As the number of connected devices continues to rise, we increasingly require networks that can provide the connectivity required with acceptable latency and high levels of security.

Traditional public cellular networks are unsuitable for this task, lacking the bandwidth and consuming a great deal of power. But with the right service provider, 4G (LTE) networks can be used to provide a seamless transition to 5G private networks, as they offer many of the benefits promised by 5G – low latency, high bandwidth, and secure access.

We’re on the cusp of a widespread 5G roll-out, which will offer real-time capabilities and network efficiency, among others, and new solutions are constantly becoming available for enterprises. By February 2022, almost 200 licenses for private 5G networks had been issued in Germany. This figure is similar in other countries.

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