Wireless extension of a PROFINET network via 5G

Am 18. May 2022 veröffentlicht

Today, PROFINET is a widely used open standard in automation technology. With VXLAN technology (virtual extensible LAN), PROFINET communication can now also take place via a 5G network.

This allows, for example, a central controller to communicate wirelessly with several decentralized I/O modules on different mobile or distributed participants. The use case is displayed in a playful way, users can prove their skills in a wireless skill game. The game is based on the latest SCALANCE 5G routers and communication takes place via the prototype of a private 5G network from Siemens.

More Use Cases from Siemens: Connection of an AGV via a private Industrial 5G network

Speaker use case on site: Lars Walpurgis, Product Owner 5G User Equipment & Dominik Bittner, Product Owner 5G User Equipment

Press contact: Julia Kauppert, +49 (174)3118098, julia.kauppert@siemens.com, Spokesperson Digital Industries

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